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Expert Allergy Care After Hours

woman with allergiesSpring came early to North Carolina this year with a warmer than usual end to winter. With trees blooming and grass quickly growing, many who suffer from seasonal allergies are already feeling the misery brought on by pollen.

If you typically time your allergy medicine to the start of this budding season, you may have been caught off guard. However, you can get fast and effective medical care for allergies, even on nights and weekends with Cone Health Connected Care online visits.

Soothing Sore Throats: 4 Best Treatments

Woman with sore throatGlimpses of spring are on the way, but those winter viruses are still making their rounds, causing school and work absences. Many illnesses start with a sore throat. In fact, your throat can become irritated enough to make eating, swallowing, and even sleeping painful. Try these tips for soothing your sore throat.

Cold or Allergies? Know the Difference and Get Relief

cold or allergiesYou can’t stop sneezing and sniffling, and your scratchy throat needs soothing. You’ve pulled out the tissues and hot tea, and now you’re wondering which over-the-counter medicine will bring relief: an antihistamine, a decongestant, or maybe both? You’re not even sure if it’s a cold or just spring allergies.

Here’s a quick guide to figuring out if you have a cold or allergies, treatment tips for each, and symptoms that signal you need to get medical care.

Skin Rash Rules

skin rash on neckRashes can be itchy, irritating, and downright bothersome. Some rashes will heal fairly quickly with treatment at home, while others persist or become serious enough to require a doctor’s care. Our brief rash guide lists ideas to calm the rash at home and will also help you know when it’s time to consult with a doctor.

4 Ways to Combat the Health Hazards of Commuting

healthy commuterLong days at the office can create plenty of stress. Add in a commute of 30-minutes or more each way, and both your body and mind may feel the crunch of an extended schedule. Studies have shown commuters experience higher levels of stress, weight gain, and feelings of isolation than those who live near their workplace. Try these four tips to combat the physical and mental toll of commuting.

Calming Your Child’s Cough: 4 Tips to Try Now

little girl coughingHearing and seeing your little one suffer from a nagging cough is hard. Coughing bouts can disrupt meals, put a damper on play time, and disturb sleep. While cough and cold medicines are not safe for children under the age of six, there are remedies you can use to calm the cough. The best solution for each child will vary and partly depends on their age.

4 Ways to Better Health with a Smartphone

Person videochatting doctor on mobile phoneSmartphones can be amazing tools for social connection, entertainment, and instant photos. On the other hand, many people have categorized smartphones as a dangerous distraction, a drain on time, and a strain the neck. However, your smartphone doesn’t have to be a hazard; you can turn it into a tool for better health and wellness. Here are four ways you can put  your smartphone to work to boost your health.

Mommy, I Don’t Feel Good: Talk to a Pediatrician After Hours

Parents know that earaches, fevers,Mother checking child for fever and stomach viruses can strike at any time, not just during the pediatrician’s office hours. In fact, it often feels like nights and weekends are prime times for the worst symptoms to set in and make your child miserable.

Get the Benefits of a Virtual Doctor Visit

Did you know your child can see a pediatrician online with a virtual doctor visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Video visits, as well as phone visits, are available through Cone Health Telehealth services.

Sidelined By Back Pain? Five Tips to Get Moving Again

man having back painYou felt a twitch of pain the second you lifted that heavy box, and three days later your back still hurts. You’ve got friends sharing their back pain stories, but often their advice is conflicting, leaving you with more questions than answers:

  • Do I use ice or heat?
  • Should I rest or try to exercise?
  • Is alternative medicine a safe choice or should I go to a doctor?

Visit the Doctor by Video: Care for Your Busy Schedule

busy schedule virtual doctor visitYou know that croupy cough or nagging back pain probably needs to be checked out by a doctor, but you’ve got two important work meetings and have to pick up a child from basketball practice. Thinking about the time needed to drive to the doctor’s office and sit in the waiting room is just adding more stress to an already packed day.

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