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4 Health Tips for Busy Dads

Father and daughter pick healthy foodFather’s Day cards often focus on dads as the hero, generously helping out everyone around them. While taking care of your family is important, you also need to take care of yourself in order to be the best dad possible. Here are four essential tips to help you stay healthy throughout the year.

The Modern-Day House Call: Watch Dr. John Jenkins Explain Online Visits

The internet has made many things more convenient, changing everything from the way we shop to how we learn. Now, Cone Health is using the internet for online e-visits and video visits. “This is the equivalent of the modern-day house call,” said Dr. John Jenkins, Vice President for Telehealth, Cone Health, in a recent interview on Fox 8 News House Calls. 

The convenience of being able to talk to a doctor from your home or office using a smartphone, tablet, or computer is one reason online visits are becoming more popular. With vacation season here, Dr. Jenkins pointed out how online visits also offer an easy way to consult with a doctor while you are out of town. With both e-visits and video visits, the care provider can send in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, even if you’re out of town.

Video and e-visits are especially helpful for many of summer’s health problems, such as tick bites, insect bites, poison ivy or poison oak, and other rashes. E-visit questionnaires allow you to upload pictures if needed.

Ready to register for an online visit?

Sign up for an e-visit through MyChart from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. any day of the week. You’ll complete a questionnaire and then receive a response online. Or, register for a video visit 24/7 through the MDLive platform. Registration only takes a few minutes, and then you’ll be connected with a doctor.

Beware of Backyard Dangers

Man grilling meat in the summerSummer means we’re outside more often — grilling, playing, gardening, and tending to our yards. While there’s plenty of fun to be had right outside our door, warm weather also introduces its share of hazards. Watch out for these five backyard dangers this summer:

Put Some Fun in Summer Exercise

Warm weathSummer exercise volleyball gameer creates more options for staying active, and several outdoor sports offer a fun way to socialize while you exercise. Take a break from the usual gym routine with some of these summer weather exercise ideas.

Be sure to review our tips for warming up, as well as the options for care, if you happen to end up with an ache or injury.

  • Take a Swing – Many local Parks and Recreation Departments offer summer softball leagues for adults as well as tennis facilities and programs. Learn more about options offered through the city of Greensboro and the city of Burlington.
  • Find Your Frisbee – Practice your frisbee skills then try your hand at disc golf. A number of local parks feature disc golf courses.
  • Backyard Bowling – Make your own backyard bowling game with 10 water bottles and a soccer ball. You can even make your “bowling pins” glow in the dark by adding a glow stick to each water bottle.
  • Set Up a Net – Try setting up a badminton or volleyball net in your backyard for the whole family to enjoy. With longer days, you can get in several games after dinner.

Warm Up to Activity Slowly

It’s important to warm up before exercising, especially if you’ve been relatively inactive. Take 10 minutes to stretch, with a special focus on muscles and joints you’ll be using. For organized sports like softball or tennis, try starting with some shorter practices and gradually extend your practice time before you engage in a full game.

When You Overdo It: Convenient Care for Minor Injuries

On the chance that you were a little too enthusiastic during exercise, there’s a fast and convenient way to get care for strains, sprains, back pain, and other minor injuries.

Video, phone, and e-Visits are offered 365 days a year through Cone Health Connected Care. You can get personalized medical care on nights and weekends without going to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Board-certified doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners will thoroughly assess your symptoms and medical history to provide a care plan that’s right for you, and help you get back to being active.

Register for a phone, video or e-Visit visit with Cone Health Connected Care today.

Fighting Low Back Pain: 3 Home Treatments for Fast Relief

low back pain at workIf you suffer from low back pain, you know it’s not something you can easily brush off. Chances are, nagging aches have ruined one
too many days, and you find yourself in a constant pursuit of relief.

While a doctor should always diagnose the root cause of back pain, you may want to try a few simple remedies that can be immensely helpful. The following three options are drug free and easy enough to try at work or home.

Fast Help for Knee Pain

man suffering acute knee joint painNothing can sideline you from daily activities more quickly than a sore or painful knee. Simple tasks like walking, navigating stairs, and even standing up all depend on healthy knee joints. Fortunately, most knee problems can be treated without surgery.

4 Tips to Manage Knee Pain

Try these tips to lessen pain and prevent further injury.

Need Medical Care After Hours? Connect With a Doctor Online

After hours online doctor visitOnce Monday comes, the week is off and running. For many families, it’s a blur of work, school, sports practices, music lessons, and chores. If you or a family member is sick, finding time to go to the doctor can be tough.

Virtual doctor visits, also referred to as telehealth visits, are a great way to take care of routine medical problems when you can’t get in to see your regular doctor. These visits, which can take place by video, phone, or online questionnaires, are becoming an increasingly popular way to get medical care during evening or early morning hours. You can talk to the doctor when it’s convenient for you — even at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday.

Caring for a Workout Injury After Hours

Workout injury after hoursRegular exercise can pay off in big ways, like helping you drop pounds, lower cholesterol, and boost your energy. While all that time spent running, hiking, or playing tennis, can add up to better long-term health, all sports carry a risk of injury. And with so many people working out in the evenings or on weekends, injuries are most likely to happen when doctor’s offices are closed.

Here’s a quick survival guide for those after-hours injuries. Get tips for treatment at home, a list of symptoms that require medical care, and discover how to find convenient care 24/7.

Back Spasms: 4 Steps to Immediate Relief

Young man back pain at workThe first dose of spring has many of us out planting flowers, mowing the grass, or picking up outdoor sports like soccer or cycling. And while all that extra activity felt great on Saturday, your body may be rebelling by Sunday or Monday with aches, pains, and even muscle spasms.

One of the most troublesome results of strenuous activity can often be back spasms. Unfortunately, back spasms may come on quickly and interfere with everything from work and sleep to putting on your shoes.

Weekend Respiratory Relief

Young ill woman in bed with laptopWhat started as a tickle in your throat has become a head full of congestion and an awful cough. Now you’re feeling miserable on a beautiful spring Saturday and missing out on weekend activities.

Don’t wait until Monday to get relief.

Did you know you can bypass waiting in an urgent care clinic and get help for respiratory issues from the comfort of your home?

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