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Beat the Heat: Tips to Avoid Exertional Heat Illness

Girl playing soccer with heat iillnessWhen it comes to exercising in the summer, heat isn’t just an annoyance; it can be downright dangerous. Many athletes – especially students starting team practices – can suffer from various degrees of exertional heat illness. While mild symptoms, such as heat cramps, don’t require immediate medical attention, some symptoms do require emergency care.

So how can you or your student athlete avoid an emergency situation? Read our tips to prevent exertional heat illness, as well as the symptoms that require a call to 911.

Stress-Free Care When Your College Student is Sick

College student studying on campusYour college student is learning independence and gaining the skills to balance life as an adult. However, one of the hardest issues for both college parents and students alike is when the student is sick. Parents want to be assured their child is receiving prompt and quality medical care, and students often stress about finding time in their busy schedule to make it to the student health center for an appointment.

The Summer Bucket List: 4 Fun Things to Try Before Summer Ends

summer bucket list for familiesSummer is flying by, with only a few weeks left before school starts for many families. Take advantage of the long days and more relaxed schedule to complete your summer bucket list. Here are four fun activities to try before your summer ends.

Fight Summer Boredom With Fitness Tips for Kids

Kids swimming at pool in summerIf you’re a parent, you know the dreaded three words of summer: “I am bored.” Not only do you want your children to find engaging activities, you want them off the couch and doing something besides staring at a screen. Help your kids stay active and fight the summer boredom syndrome with these three tips.

4 Tips for Tick Safety

Wood ticks in NCSummer is the perfect time for cookouts, camping, and lake trips. It’s also the season of ticks. You may be hearing all sorts of ideas from friends and neighbors about tick removal and illnesses caused by various ticks, but how do you know what is medically sound advice? Drs. David Massey and Stephen Hunter, family medicine doctors with Cone Health, offer these guidelines to tick bite safety and ticks found in North Carolina.

Healthy July 4th Recipe Ideas

YFriends at 4th of July picnicour Fourth of July celebration wouldn’t be complete without tasty food to enjoy with family and friends. While grilling hamburgers and hot dogs is an American tradition, there are many delicious dishes that offer less calories, fat, and sodium. Try these three healthy recipes for a start to a happy and healthy Independence Day.

4 Health Tips for Busy Dads

Father and daughter pick healthy foodFather’s Day cards often focus on dads as the hero, generously helping out everyone around them. While taking care of your family is important, you also need to take care of yourself in order to be the best dad possible. Here are four essential tips to help you stay healthy throughout the year.

The Modern-Day House Call: Watch Dr. John Jenkins Explain Online Visits

The internet has made many things more convenient, changing everything from the way we shop to how we learn. Now, Cone Health is using the internet for online e-visits and video visits. “This is the equivalent of the modern-day house call,” said Dr. John Jenkins, Vice President for Telehealth, Cone Health, in a recent interview on Fox 8 News House Calls. 

The convenience of being able to talk to a doctor from your home or office using a smartphone, tablet, or computer is one reason online visits are becoming more popular. With vacation season here, Dr. Jenkins pointed out how online visits also offer an easy way to consult with a doctor while you are out of town. With both e-visits and video visits, the care provider can send in a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, even if you’re out of town.

Video and e-visits are especially helpful for many of summer’s health problems, such as tick bites, insect bites, poison ivy or poison oak, and other rashes. E-visit questionnaires allow you to upload pictures if needed.

Ready to register for an online visit?

Sign up for an e-visit through MyChart from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. any day of the week. You’ll complete a questionnaire and then receive a response online. Or, register for a video visit 24/7 through the MDLive platform. Registration only takes a few minutes, and then you’ll be connected with a doctor.

Beware of Backyard Dangers

Man grilling meat in the summerSummer means we’re outside more often — grilling, playing, gardening, and tending to our yards. While there’s plenty of fun to be had right outside our door, warm weather also introduces its share of hazards. Watch out for these five backyard dangers this summer:

Put Some Fun in Summer Exercise

Warm weathSummer exercise volleyball gameer creates more options for staying active, and several outdoor sports offer a fun way to socialize while you exercise. Take a break from the usual gym routine with some of these summer weather exercise ideas.

Be sure to review our tips for warming up, as well as the options for care, if you happen to end up with an ache or injury.

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