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4 Ways to Better Health with a Smartphone

Person videochatting doctor on mobile phoneSmartphones can be amazing tools for social connection, entertainment, and instant photos. On the other hand, many people have categorized smartphones as a dangerous distraction, a drain on time, and a strain the neck. However, your smartphone doesn’t have to be a hazard; you can turn it into a tool for better health and wellness. Here are four ways you can put  your smartphone to work to boost your health.

Nutrition & Diet Guidance – Trying to watch your weight or reduce your intake of sodium or sugar? A number of apps can help you track calories, nutrition information, and even plan your meals for the week. Eating out? You can also find apps that provide information about menus at national restaurant franchises.

Fitness Trackers – Many newer phones have built-in motion sensors to track the number of steps you’ve taken, stairs climbed, or even monitor your heart rate. In addition, many popular activity trackers sync with phones. These apps are a great way to track progress and set goals.

Medication Safety – Check medication interactions, look up possible side effects, and even set up your own personal medication record with one of several smartphone apps available. Many apps also offer medication reminders so you can’t forget to take a dose.

Virtual Doctor’s Visit – You can connect to a medical provider for a phone or video visit from anywhere with a smartphone. Cone Health offers these visits 24/7 through our telehealth services and you can download our Virtual Visit App on the App store or Google Play store to make connecting even easier.

Using your smartphone for a virtual visit is great solution if you can’t leave work, you’re traveling, or you’re home with a sick child. You’ll connect with a board-certified doctor who will review your health history, discuss your symptoms, and offer a personalized care plan. If you need a prescription, it can be sent to your local pharmacy immediately following the virtual appointment.  

You can register for Cone telehealth services at any time. You don’t have to wait until you need a visit.

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