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The Summer Bucket List: 4 Fun Things to Try Before Summer Ends

summer bucket list for familiesSummer is flying by, with only a few weeks left before school starts for many families. Take advantage of the long days and more relaxed schedule to complete your summer bucket list. Here are four fun activities to try before your summer ends.

1. Build an Obstacle Course

Children love a fun challenge, and you probably have plenty of items on hand to create an outdoor obstacle course. Not only will this provide entertainment for your kids, it’s also a great way burn calories. Try some of these objects in your course or create your own obstacles.

  • Sawhorses can be used for children to crawl under.
  • Play tunnels make a great addition to your course.
  • Pool noodles can be lined up for children to hop over.
  • Jump rope tied to paint cans create hurdles for children.

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market

A trip to a local farmer’s market lets your children assist with shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only will they be exposed to a variety of healthy food, they’ll get to meet the people that grew the crops. Watermelon, corn on the cob, tomatoes, and squash are just a few of the favorites normally available this time of year.

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Agency offers lists of local farmers’ markets in Guilford County.

3. Cycle With the Family

A family bike ride on a Saturday morning or evening gets everyone moving and is a great way to spend time together. Try creating different routes around the neighborhood, or if you have a bike rack, discover some of the many bike trails in the area. Be sure that everyone wears helmets to help prevent head injuries in the case of a fall.

4. Take in the Night Sights and Sounds

After the sun goes down, take the children in the backyard to count fireflies, look at the stars, or try to identify insect sounds. In North Carolina, loud insect sounds you might hear on a summer night include crickets, cicadas, and katydids. You can learn to identify these sounds at Singing Insects of North America website.

Don’t Let a Summer Injury or Illness Ruin Your Fun

With all the outdoor fun of summer, there’s a risk of a sprain or other minor injury. And even though school is out, children can still easily pass on the summer cold or other viruses.

If you or your family needs care for a routine illness or minor injury, you can connect with a doctor 24/7 for an online or phone visit through Cone Connected Care. Our experienced professionals can offer a diagnosis, individualized treatment, and call in a medication to your pharmacy if needed.

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