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4 Ways to Defy Fall Allergies

Young man fighting fall allergies

If you’re reaching for the tissues and wheezing after a trip outdoors, you’re probably one of the millions of Americans suffering from fall allergies. One of fall’s major allergy triggers, ragweed, is typically at the highest level from mid-August until the first frost. Mold is another allergen that tends to increase in the fall.

Are you wondering how to find some relief? Follow these four tips to help tame fall allergies.

1. Watch the Wind

Check the amount of wind in the weather forecast before heading outside. Wind can carry pollen from ragweed, grasses, and trees up to 100 miles from its source. If it’s a windy day, avoid yard work and exercise indoors instead.

2. Battle Moisture

Moisture leads to mold, a prime allergen for many people. Make sure you don’t have any leaks beneath sinks or from pipes under the house. Use bathroom fans and aim to keep home humidity below 60 percent. Regularly cleaning gutters is also a vital step to keep standing water away from your home.

Read more tips about how to allergy-proof your home and information about allergy medications.

3. Use Caution With Leaves

Leaves, especially wet or damp leaves, are a prime breeding ground for mold. If you’re raking leaves or mowing, wear a mask. It’s also a good idea to change clothes just inside the doorway when you go back inside to avoid spreading allergens in your house.

4. Get Protective Gear

In addition to wearing a mask while doing yard work, be sure to put on sunglasses while outdoors to keep irritants out of your eyes. A hat can also help keep pollen out of your hair. And while you can’t protect your pet from pollen very easily, consider hosing them off with plain water if they’ve been outside on a day with high pollen counts.

Miserable from Your Allergy Symptoms? Get Fast Care 24/7

If allergies have put you on the sidelines with coughing, a raw throat, and generally feeling sick, it’s time to get medical help. Online visits with an experienced medical team are available through Cone Health Connected Care. These virtual visits allow you to get same-day allergy care even on nights and weekends. Best of all, you can complete a visit from the comfort of home or convenience of your office.

  • E-Visits– Available from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., seven days a week, patients over age 18 can complete a symptom questionnaire and medical history online and then receive a written plan of care, including any needed prescriptions, within one hour. You can sign up for an e-Visit with MyChart.
  • Video Visits – Both adults and children can be seen through a live video visit with a doctor. These easy visits are offered 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. You can complete registration for a video visit at any time and then select an appointment time when needed.
  • Phone Visits – Care for children and adults is available by phone 24/7. Like video visits, phone visits are available day and night, 365 days a year. Register for a phone visit.
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