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E-Visits Save Patients Time and Money and Improve Local Healthcare Access

Patients in the Greensboro area are seeing the big benefits of e-Visits and how these online visits not only save them time and money, but also help the local healthcare system provide better care for patients. Watch Dr. John Jenkins and the Cone Health Connected Care team discuss the benefits on a recent Fox 8 House Call below.

E-Visits cost patients only $30 per visit, a much lower cost than the average Urgent Care visit or a trip to the ER. By utilizing e-Visits for minor illnesses like sore throats, fevers, and even the flu, patients get quick and convenient care and allow the ER to be more readily available for patients with more critical conditions.  And, as Dr. Jenkins mentions, it’s better for yourself and other patients to have an e-Visit and skip the waiting room (where you could catch additional germs or infect others) altogether.

To have an e-Visit, patients log into MyChart to complete a brief questionnaire, which a board-certified provider reviews and responds to within an hour. Patients receive their treatment plan, and, if necessary, any relevant prescriptions that they can fill at the pharmacy of their choice.

Learn more about how e-Visits work.

Watch the video here or on Fox 8.  Start a convenient e-Visit by logging onto MyChart today.

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