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Relieve the Itch! Treatment Tips for Common Summer Rashes

summer rash causing itchThe heat of summer is likely affecting you and your family in a number of ways. From a higher air conditioning bill to avoiding outdoor activities in the middle of the day, the hot, humid days can take a toll. Summer is also a prime time for skin rashes. Discover how to get relief from these four common summer rashes and learn when you need to seek medical treatment.

Beware of the Germs Lurking in Both Fresh and Salt Water

Kids playing in a pool in summerAn afternoon swim in the lake or a weekend at the beach may feel like the perfect way to beat the 90-degree heat of July and August. Unfortunately, you can encounter invisible microorganisms in the water that can lead to a number of health problems. These are commonly known as “recreational water illnesses”. These illnesses include diarrhea, ear infections, and skin infections.

The good news is there are convenient ways to get care for recreational water illnesses. You can also take steps to lower your chances of picking up an illness. Keep reading to learn more about these illnesses, how to avoid them, and when to see a doctor.

Weekend Pediatric Care: Now on Your Phone

sick child with fever and mom on phone visitIt’s Saturday night and your preschooler has been running a fever and refuses to eat. The pediatrician’s office is closed. While she’s sick and feels miserable, you don’t think it requires a trip to the emergency room. Sitting in a long line at an urgent care seems like the perfect setup to make her feel even worse.

Try a Virtual Visit

More and more parents today are turning to virtual doctor visits via phone or video when they can’t see their child’s regular doctor. It’s affordable, and you don’t even have to leave home. All you need to get started is a smartphone.

E-Visits Save Patients Time and Money and Improve Local Healthcare Access

Patients in the Greensboro area are seeing the big benefits of e-Visits and how these online visits not only save them time and money, but also help the local healthcare system provide better care for patients. Watch Dr. John Jenkins and the Cone Health Connected Care team discuss the benefits on a recent Fox 8 House Call below.

E-Visits cost patients only $30 per visit, a much lower cost than the average Urgent Care visit or a trip to the ER. By utilizing e-Visits for minor illnesses like sore throats, fevers, and even the flu, patients get quick and convenient care and allow the ER to be more readily available for patients with more critical conditions.  And, as Dr. Jenkins mentions, it’s better for yourself and other patients to have an e-Visit and skip the waiting room (where you could catch additional germs or infect others) altogether.

To have an e-Visit, patients log into MyChart to complete a brief questionnaire, which a board-certified provider reviews and responds to within an hour. Patients receive their treatment plan, and, if necessary, any relevant prescriptions that they can fill at the pharmacy of their choice.

Learn more about how e-Visits work.

Watch the video here or on Fox 8.  Start a convenient e-Visit by logging onto MyChart today.

Sick Over the Holidays? Dr. Jenkins Shares How to Get Better with Convenient Care

Dr. Jenkins discusses holiday care on Fox 8Wondering what to do if you or a family member gets sick over the holidays? Thanks to technology, you have multiple options for convenient and affordable care through Cone Health including phone/video visits, questionnaire-based e-Visits, and InstaCare, which offers same-day, in-person visits that you can reserve ahead of time.

Watch Dr. John Jenkins, Chief Clinical Officer at Cone Health Connected Care, discuss your options for connecting to a provider for minor illnesses and injuries on a recent Fox 8 House Call.

Online Doctor Visits: The Smart Way to Save Time and Money

Doctor on the phone with a patient on a phone visit.Your throat is raw and your forehead burning, but your schedule is crammed and it’s days before you can see your regular doctor. Add the stress of upcoming holiday errands and expenses, and a doctor’s visit can seem daunting.

What are your choices for medical care? The Emergency Room or an Urgent Care may be options, but both can come with a long wait and a big bill.

Of course, if you have a life-threatening illness, injury, or trauma, you should always call 911. However, studies show one in five Emergency Room visits could be treated another way.

Online and phone visits are becoming an increasingly popular way to save time and money on medical care. Cone Health Connected Care offers three types of virtual visits: e-Visits, video visits, and phone visits.

Learn how these convenient options for medical care can help you or your family get quick treatment without emptying your wallet.

Suffering From Sinus Pain? 4 Effective Remedies for Relief

man with sinus painIf you went to bed with sniffles from a cold or allergies, but woke up with throbbing pain around your eyes, cheeks, or forehead, you are likely suffering from blocked sinuses. Sinus pain can last from a few hours to more than a week. Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies that can help. Try these four tips for finding relief and learn when you need to see the doctor.

4 Ways to Defy Fall Allergies

Young man fighting fall allergies

If you’re reaching for the tissues and wheezing after a trip outdoors, you’re probably one of the millions of Americans suffering from fall allergies. One of fall’s major allergy triggers, ragweed, is typically at the highest level from mid-August until the first frost. Mold is another allergen that tends to increase in the fall.

Are you wondering how to find some relief? Follow these four tips to help tame fall allergies.

How to Dodge the Dreaded School Germs

sick child from getting germs at schoolYou finally bought the last few school supplies, signed all the forms for the new year, and made it through a week of packing lunches. Now you’re facing the first round of runny noses, cruddy coughs, and upset stomachs. It’s the start of the back-to-school germ fest.

The good news is there are ways to boost your child’s immune system and lower the risk of catching an illness. Follow these handy tips to keep your kids healthy at school.

Health Online: How the Internet is Revolutionizing Patient Service

Video visit from phone for young women

The internet has impacted virtually every industry and health care is no exception. While electronic health records and online bill pay have been routine for a number of years, today’s technology is helping patients access medical care on their schedule — even if that’s at 3 a.m. or on a holiday.

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